How it Works

The ordering process with us could not be simpler. You can either come into our showroom or request a visit to your home or office from our salesmen to initiate the process. Once you sit down with us, we speak to you about your likes, dislikes, preferences, personal style to get a feel for your style, personality, and lifestyle. From there we show you swatches from our exquisite collection to see what sort of fabrics you like. A few measurements, a snapshot or two for our tailors, and the ordering process is complete.

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule a visit in our showroom, or have us come visit your home or office. We make it as easy as possible.

Schedule an Appointment

Customize Style

Every aspect of your garment is fully customizable, creating a unique look that is yours and yours alone. This is where the fun begins.

Precise Measurements

We take 20-30 measurements to make sure that the clothes contour to your frame, for a truly custom fit. Once you go custom, it is hard to go back to off-the-rack.

Hand Made Tailoring

Our tailors have decades of experience where they’ve honed the skill, or rather, the art, of hand made clothing.

6 – 8 Week Delivery

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